The right paint goes a long way toward protecting a property’s value. That’s why hundreds of residential and commercial property managers across the region rely on SunColor Paints.

From making paint choices for the first time to updating the pallet to more popular color schemes, our experienced in-store experts can provide options to make your property stand out and retain its value. For large-scale projects, many mangers find it helpful to have our paint store and field representatives meet with their association boards or design architects to explain how our warranted paint systems are developed specifically for the Caribbean environment. We’ll also review the scope of work, discuss the warranty program and advise how to budget for future painting reserves.

We also simplify the bidding process by providing comprehensive specifications by property to help ensure that the most accurate, consistent bids are received. And if you need to find a painting contractor, we’ll be happy to provide contacts from our statewide network of painting professionals. At your request, our corporate field inspectors are available to make site-visits to ensure your painting process runs smoothly.

Our work continues long after the paint dries. A SunColor Paints representative will perform periodic inspections to ensure our products are meeting your performance expectations. All job specifications are archived in our secure database so you and your successors retain long-term access to this important information.